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It is my main character’s birthday

IMG_0079This month is our green son’s birthday. We really don’t know when it is but what we do know is that he came home, to his forever home, in October of 1999. Jasper was five. I still remember how he would not leave the cage for six months, afraid and uncertain of what was going on with him. His first owner did not treat him well and those are memories hard to forget I am sure. We have all seen the commercials or have heard stories from others.

But now you wouldn’t know this green animal would be such a huge presence in our lives, all of our lives. He is a sassy bird and he won’t let you forget it. They say, the experts, that parrots are perceptual two-year olds. That is the best and accurate way to describe it.

Most of my birds are rescued from places I wish they had never seen. A rescued animal will give you more love then one can ever expect from another.

But this time of year it is his birthday where he will receive extra loving, if that is even possible hehe, and treats for being with us another year. It is hard to imagine what it was like before he came home with us. I have tried and those memories seem to blend into the woodwork.

For now it is his birthday, #JasperAmazonParrot, he is 21 and may we have him for many more years.