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My flock:BJ and Nye

Nye and BJ

I am owned by a flock of eight birds. This comes to four cockatiels, one finch, two parakeets and one yellow cheek Amazon.

In the videos are BJ and Nye who are roommates. Even though all my tiels are males, these two show that even men can be divas. They constantly show us their feathers and pose for us to shower accolades on them. BJ is a white face cockatiel and he was born in December of 1998. Nye, a normal grey, is the son of my first bird ever and he was born in 2001.

They are pretty mellow birds for the most part. Being around birds since 1998 has been an experience. Like other pets, these have their own unique and distinct personalities. They will love you forever, and all they ask is for you to love them back.

Kind of like how we are.