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Mr. Gibson:WW II


Every town or city has a spot that we as people love to visit and hang out at. My husband and I are no exception to the rule. There is this small diner which has the flavor of home cooking written all over it.  It has its regulars like any other place where you walk in and the waitresses and owner alike will say hi and call out our name. Personally I like that.

One day last week I was sitting one table over from Mr. Gibson. He like myself comes to this place rather often. We were both waiting on someone for lunch. He struck up a conversation with me. This was not unheard of he is a friendly old man. Not being able to hear him clearly I walked over and sat down next to him while we waited. Mr. Gibson is a retired officer and he served in WW II. He wears his hat and pins that are attached to it just about every time we see him. The gentle old man never stands out and says what he has done for our country he takes it in stride. Unless of course you have him in a one on one and then the amazement comes out.

For the next few minutes I listened as he talked about his career and how he has led a good life. He talked about memories that no one of my generation can possibly imagine unless you are in the service. Just listening to him made me humble. I can only think on what he saw and felt but through him insight cames into view.

He is a main stay at this place and I hope to speak to him many times over. His words of wisdom fills no books on any shelves but they are still priceless. God Bless you Mr. Gibson.