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Mother and Father’s Day


This past week we celebrated Mother’s Day and soon we will be celebrating Father’s Day. Two holidays where moms and dads of families get to be spoiled, treated to a meal, flowers, gifts, cards and what other items the family can think off.

One year my husband knew I needed new tires on my car but could not afford them at the time. That was my gift for Mother’s Day. I was thrilled and hugged him and said thank you repeatedly. A lot of people thought that was not a real gift, to me it was. My husband has a way of giving me something that I need just about every year.

Granted when we first got married it was cards, flower and food which are the tradition and classic items. But over the years he has evolved. He has bought me plane tickets so I could go back home to Maine to visit my family. He has bought me dress clothes for work. It goes on.

To me that says someone who is paying attention and observing what his wife really needs. I love him for it. I have a good one in my husband. For Father’s Day I have to come up with something good that will show him how awesome he is. At least I have some time to think of something.