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Writers Conference



This past weekend we had a local writers conference in town for two days. It was the third year, at the library and totally free. This was the first year I have not been asked to volunteer so I was able to move around the rooms and talk, network and connect with those who I don’t always get to see. To pick the best part would be hard for I loved all of it. I mean I got to hang out with similar minded people like myself who knew what a character arch was, who knew what it felt like to revise a story to death, who understood the dread of editing one’s work and other cool things we get to do as writers. The headliner was Larry Brooks who I am a groupie of.

Approaching him I said, “Mr. Brooks, would you sign my book for me please. I have read it three times already and it is one of my to go books when I write.”

He smile really bright and said, “You have made my day.” He made mine as well with his lecture and easy-going nature when you talked to him.

It got better. Without even trying I have a new client now. One of my contacts introduced me to a new writer and said I needed to meet her. A few minutes later we made plans to meet and for me to sign her up for my Author Platform program that I created. Another contact from my woman’s networking group knows the owner of a local book store and wants to introduce me to her in hopes of getting my books in that establishment. If that works that means I will have books in two stores in my area. And this all happened while mingling with others at the conference.

Writing conferences are so much fun. So much going on to where you don’t want it to end. But it comes with networking which is huge and contacts made can lead to so many different opportunities. All in the day and life of writers mingling with other writers.