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Now that my book is out it is all about letting people know about it without coming across as, “Come look at me!” and totally alienating any potential fans you might have coming your way. But in a way it is about shouting, “ Come look at me!” Yes promoting oneself is not fun especially for those who are not use to or comfortable with it. However it is necessary if you want to do well.

A great way to get my name out is through the internet through my social medias and author’s platform I been working on for a few years now. Something I tell my author friends all the time. It is needed especially in this day and age. Regardless that my book was picked up by a traditional publisher does not take me off the hook of marketing my book. It still has to be done more then ever now due to the competition that is out there.

Through my links and contacts online I have been invited to have three interviews online. I have potential for a few more. This is gold, pure and free gold. I have a list of questions from the three sites and I’m working my way down. I have to admit the questions being asked are in depth and very detailed. I really like that. It gives me a chance to show Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure to new people and maybe new fans. If not that then perhaps word of mouth. Something that is highly underused in today’ society.

I am excited for these upcoming ventures and hope to answer the questions to the best of my ability. Everyone has to start somewhere, so long they start.