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Happy Tears

2013-02-20 07.14.53

Have you ever been so happy for someone that you just busted out into tears? I am sure you have we all have. But have you ever done it for someone you did not know? Have you done it for someone you seen on tv?  I have on quite a few occasions. I was watching “Our America” with Lisa Ling and they were showcasing obesity in our country. It is a rising concern for our nation especially for the children.

Brianna is a young woman at the age of 12 from the state of Mississippi. She weighed over 300 pounds. She was one of the individuals who was showcased. At the end of the program they showed the many steps her family and she was taking to help her get healthy. When they checked up on her a few months later she had lost enough to drop a pant size. I can’t recall how much they said she had lost. But the story touched me enough for me to be sitting on my couch crying for I was so happy for her and the efforts she had made to get to this point.

I am not sure if my tears are due to my getting older or perspective of the show. But this has been happening for me. Total strangers who I do not know and will never know but when something amazing happens I am just so happy for them that I tend to tell them, “Well done.”  Even if they never hear me, I still say it.

The release of this emotion is a good cleansing of one’s insides. It shows you can be happy for others, you can think of others and can truly just enjoy them doing well. In this world of me me me or what can you do for my family and me I think we as people should start being happy for others and not just ourselves. It is so easy for myself to think of what is going on in my own little percentage of the world that every thing and every one around me can be forgotten. I am such a small nano percentage of this universe as the rest of you are as well. It would bode us well to get along with others and also to be happy for them when great things happen even if those things are small and minute to us.

I wish Brianna continue success on her road to being happy. May I find more people in this world to be happy for even if I never meet them.