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How do writers find titles for their books?


Finding the right title for one’s book is important. Readers will pick up a book for the cover or will be intrigued by a title of the book. I been fortunate that people have named my books for me. I know, not fair. Right? Maybe fortunate is not the right word. Perhaps blessed is the better term.

The reason I am thinking of this topic is the third book in my Jasper series is close to being done. Once that is done I will let my editor work her magic over it before sending it over to my publishers. Only I don’t have a title for it yet. I have not even given it a second thought let alone taking the time to sit back and mull this over. I am not one to have a working title when I start a new piece. Some authors are like that while others know soon what the moniker will be.

So the question I have is to those who have titled their books how do you go about doing this? Are there steps you go through for the process? Is it blind luck? Or do you get help like I do? One would think after all this time I would be able to do this without much headache but I suspect if I am left on my own devices it will be just that, a headache.