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Publishing Online:”Root Canal”


Last Friday I released my short story “Root Canal” online. It was a labor of love and stress. The entire time my poor editor got pestered with endless questions and then questions to her answers that she gave me. She does not get paid enough seriously.  What I hoped to gain from was four thing.

-Go through the process of getting a piece of my writing online and learning how to do so.

-Sell one copy to say I sold one copy to someone.

-Sell two copies so I can say I earned my first buck as an author.

-To further the process of getting my name out.

Anything else would be pure pluses in my mind. The end goal was not to sell a whole bunch, though that would be nice, but for this to be a learning experience for me. My good friend Tracy told me when she earned her first dollar she enlarged the book cover and framed it with her dollar. I thought that was a pretty awesome idea. But I am going to expand on that. I have printed out the first sale on Amazon which was my very first sale and also printed out my second sale on Smashwords. The two equals my first dollar. I have not worked out how it will look framed just yet. But I am definitely framing that puppy oh heck yeah.

I told my editor that I would feel a whole lot better on May 11th for that would be the day after the official release, I do. This is just a really good feeling. Granted it is a short story and a quick read but I am glad I put it out there. Some people will like it some won’t. But I accomplished what I sent out to do.  At the moment of writing this I have sold nine copies. To me that is all pure happy pluses and I thank every one who has bought this short story. To those I know and don’t know I hope you enjoy it.