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Writers group: Is it okay to use them as your editor?




Last week I met three friends who are writers. We meet weekly, we keep the group at just us four and we have the best of times. One of them told me that a member of a larger group that we are both part of told her, “I don’t need an editor. You guys are my editors.” I don’t remember for sure but I think my mouth dropped. While a writer’s group is great for small edits, plots, pace and loop holes just to name a few, we are not a full proof editorial services company.

Sadly there are writers who do feel this way. A few things can go wrong in this setting. For this particular group and member she is at every meeting, makes sure she submits every single time and hates it when time gets away from the meeting. This is what happened for her to make that remark. You may submit a manuscript that will get tossed in file 13 for the errors found inside. Plus the dynamics of the group can change for her if this is her only place where she will get help for her work.

Editors are expensive. I mean EXPENSIVE. While my two publishers have editors on staff to go over my manuscript you have to submit a top-notch edited piece first to them not one riddled with mistakes. I’m blessed in the sense my editor is spot on amazing.

There are places one can find an editor if one can’t afford the prices. I have heard of writers asking professors from colleges or high school, editors just starting out on their own and even English majors who are about to or just graduated.

One spends so much time on writing their manuscript including editing and revising it. Your work deserves the best shot at making it, why sell itself short?