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Do movies follow the books they are taken from?


Do movies follow the books they are taken from? For example I have never read any of the Bourne books, hubby has. After watching the first movie I turned to him and asked how accurate was it with the book. He said, “I am Jason Bourne.” To which he proceeded to walk to the car. Catching up I asked what he meant. He told me that was all he felt the book they took from.

Another case in point is my beloved Stephen King. I noticed when he does the screen writing it is as if the book came alive. When he isn’t the book is represented but that is about it. After seeing “The Dark Tower” and “It” I could see a stark difference. The Dark Tower is a seven book series, this movie was only 90 min long and they cramped three or four of the books into the movie. Now Mr. King didn’t write the script for either film but it showed how the movie industry works with books. At least for the movie “It” it was over two hours long and there will be a second part to it to conclude how the book actually is.

I often wondered in the past why would people read the book after seeing the movie first. I soon learned. People do it to see what Hollywood left out and in some cases a heck of a lot. I get it. They are working with time, special effects and choose the parts that work and use creative license to some degree, in other cases majority of the time. They are going for the WOW factor to draw people in. But if a book is that awesome enough they want to make a movie out of it it be nice if the book was represented well, not just in pieces.