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I'm a traditionally and self published author. I write in the genre of children and YA at the moment but working my way up to adults. I'm a sports loving, photo taking gal who loves to sing/dance to my own enjoyment. I love to laugh even at myself. I am also owned by 8 birds and 2 hamsters, and yes they know it. :)

PaperBack Swap

Trade Books for Free - PaperBack Swap.

I have  been an active member of  PaperBack Swap for a few years now.  The concept is simple,  members exchange books among themselves.  Once you’re a member you create a list of books that you are willing to swap with others.  When someone picks a  book on your list, it is shipped at your cost and vice versa .

It is simple, easy and cost-effective.  Cost effective since we can use the media rate at the post office. The most I have spent on mailing a book has been slightly under 3 bucks.

PaperBack Swap is also a great networking site to gather opinions of other novels, and share opinions or reviews.

Check the site and my list of books out. Maybe you will see something you like.  Just click on the icon above.


New England Pride

I was born and raised in New England, and I will be buried there as well. In Boston, being  an avid sports fan just goes with the territory.  Over the past ten years, I’ve seen seven championships and I’m incredibly proud. Boston is the first city in history to have all its major sports teams win a championship in the same decade.

Following our teams is a way of life.  A life I am happy with.

Say what you like, hate all you want, people can not bring my mood down- not today.

New England pride is making me sit up straighter, walk taller, and smile brighter.

To my Boston Bruins, thank you.

Mere words can not express how I feel right now. I know that my fellow New Englanders understand exactly how I feel right now.  Who cares if I’m in North Carolina?  People can have Florida, New York, California and even Texas. I am happy where I am right now.  I am a proud northerner who happens to live in the south. You can take the girl out of the north, but you can’t take the north out of the girl! Hailing from New England means living the Boston sports and breathing the Boston sports day after day. My heritage reminds me of who I am, of where I’m from, and how I was raised. It also tells me that I better not forget.

So, bring the parade to a happily drunk and crying induced fan base. We are standing side by side with our neighbors, friends and coworkers. We are boasting, and bragging to all who will listen and to those who aren’t. We are walking with a new strut.  We are smiling from ear to ear a smile that cannot be pulled from our face, not even with surgery.  Our hearts are singing, our bodies are dancing, and our eyes are moist. We are proud!  We are strong!  We are New Englanders!