Are you still meeting during this pandemic?

With Covid being what it is, meetings of any kind have been on hold. Some groups have gone virtual, some are on hiatus, while others have still met.

As a writer getting feedback on our works is necessary to get our work in the best shape possible.


When one submits to a publisher or self-publish, what readers see between the covers will determine its success. There are a lot of parts to any book. But when we edit and revise one’s work, we won’t catch everything. We know our manuscripts the best, and in time we glaze over errors that others might notice, such as loopholes, spelling errors, punctuation, and run-on sentences.

We can’t be our editors and get 100% of it correct. Different eyes are necessary to make our book better.

So, during this pandemic, you need to decide what is the right path for you in being safe in how you go about getting your eyes on your work.

I have had an opportunity to meet IRL with other writers at a new writing group. I am not of the mind to do that just yet.

Ultimately I want you all safe regardless of how you proceed.

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