Your writing corner


Is your working space conducive to writing? Is it too near a tv, the couch or oh my gosh the fridge? I know friends who are writers that make themselves go to coffee shops or libraries to avoid the traps of the house and working at home. But even there you have to be careful you don’t channel surf on your computer or tablet on your various social media sites. A time killer no matter where you are.

I am a frugal person. No, not cheap but frugal. There is a difference. To go somewhere and pay for things I already have at home does not always sit well with me. One of the perks of writing by hand my manuscripts is I can write anywhere I chose to write. However when I transcript them on the computer that is where I need to watch and make sure I don’t get distracted.

It is easy to stop and get a quick snack, go pet your animal, watch a sort sitcom and the list goes on. That won’t hurt unless you doing it too often to where your craft suffers. One can get distracted regardless of where you are at. But to be able to find a nice quiet place, regardless where it is at, is a true treasure and one I hope you all find in 2018.

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