Writing coach: a new aspect of my business


A year or two ago I started to expand my business and became a writing coach. Four or five years prior I offered for free what I knew and had learned to writers I knew in this area. I thought, and I guess foolishly, that people would take me up on my offer especially since it was for free.

What I received instead was. “Yeah, but I don’t have time to meet with you,” or I would get blank stares. Some did realize the value of it but never enacted on it. I was floored for if someone offers me something of use for free I am all over it especially if it will help me with my writing. So I stopped asking them for I am sure they were tired of hearing me and I know I was tired of trying to help those with what I knew.

One day someone asked for my help and asked me how much I was charging. I told them no charge I would be glad to help. She wouldn’t hear of it and paid me for a straight year. That is how I got started. Soon after a second person contacted me and asked what was the charge for me to read their entire manuscript and see where they might need to fix it.

So now I charge. Granted now when the same people who I offered to help for free hear I am now charging they are not happy at all and when they hear the price they are more unhappy. To be honest I am priced very low in comparison to the other people who do what I do. But now yes I do charge and while I use to feel bad about it I am okay with it now. I guess until you price yourself what you know is not considered worthy? That was an interesting revelation for me

The business is growing nicely and word of mouth has been a big boost for me in getting clients. I work with clients in helping them with pace, flow, loopholes, social media, developmental editing, getting writers going from beginning to end and a good portion in between.

It is fun to be able to help people get to where they are trying to go with their manuscript. The excitement in their eyes and voices are rewarding.

Writing is so much more than just writing.

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