As a writer what books are on your shelves?: The emotions felt

As a writer what books would I find in your home? Do you read the books that are in your genre, do you do a multiple of authors, select few or barely read? For me you will see a multiple of genres and authors. Though my favorites are Stephen King of which I am his number one fan, Agatha Christie, Bentley Little which was a recommendation by Stephen King and well-earned and James Patterson are the big wigs on my shelves. These I read for pure enjoyment. I do have books that are on writing for being a writer is an ongoing process of learning to improve one’s craft. When I head into a bookstore I don’t always head toward the big name authors. And if I find myself in a used bookstore the sky is the limits on the different people I will bring home

We can learn from books in so many ways. One is pure enjoyment as we let the words take us away from our present lives and takes us on adventures. Another is educational whether that be a non fiction, learning about history, or learning about writing. Others can be helpful to us with the endless amount of self-help books that line shelves of stores.

The great thing about a book is how you feel when you are done. You should feel something different or just feel period. When I don’t feel anything positive or negative it’s a let down for my expectations of books are high and as an avid reader I want something out of it. That is probably why I spend, like authors out there, endless hours trying to get it just right. We want our readers to feel and to not to get to the last page and feel meh.

2 thoughts on “As a writer what books are on your shelves?: The emotions felt”

  1. I am a writer and an avid reader. I enjoy a variety of genres and authors. I tend to write fiction / drama. Currently I am reading “Invisible” by James Patterson. Love him too. Other favorites are, Janet Evanovich, Greg Iles, Julie Harwood and have to include my dad science fiction author James P. Hogan. Books are my escape and sometimes I just don’t want to leave the world the book has pulled me into and return to the one I am living. Especially if it’s been a bad day. Happy reading!

  2. I’m a huge Greg Iles fan. WOOT. Nice to meet a fellow fan. I have read quite a bit of Evanovich as well, love her style. Those are some great names you have listed. I so agree sometimes I don’t want the book to end for that means my escape vacation is done. Happy reading to you as well. 🙂

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