Hanging out with fellow writers: Do you?

Do you ever hang out with people and talk about the craft of writing? I started a new writing group in town and it will be kept it small so we can really dive into writing or talking about writing. I met with member Carl last Thursday to write. However his daycare couldn’t take his daughter in so he brought her along. So instead of writing we talked about it. It was marvelous.

Talking about the craft to my family will only get me so far before they lost interest. I get that. So when the chance arrives to talk about it with someone who is as passionate bout it as me good times ensures. It’s not about our writings or books, it is about plots, cCharacter development, pacing, dialogue, target audience, structure, writer’s block and so much more. This can happen in a one on one interaction, a group setting or conference. Where else can you get this electric vibe being a writer?

If you are not part of a group, form one. Since I started writing I have formed three different groups. The need to be with like-minded people is the driving force. If you can’t start one for whatever reason go online to a writer’s forum.There are enough out there. The exchange of ideas, the excitement of learning something new or finding a way to fix what you are working on is so worth it.

So even if it just one on one to a room full of writers the situation remains the same, talking about writing with another writer is amazing for they get what you are doing, they get what is so exciting about it and they won’t pish posh you.

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