Do you have the motivation to write?


How do you stay motivated to write? There are so many distractions especially if we stay home. You have the fridge, the TV and of course the couch and bed. From the people I know around me they tend to go to a coffee shop or a library where their access to comfort is not within reach. But then we have the lovely smart phone. We convince ourselves we will be on just one minute, I will just check one post or make one comment and before you know it an hour if not more has gone by.

So how do you stay focus to write or do any of the hundreds of things that is involved when you are a writer? I have had two people tell me this year already that I am their inspiration and motivation. To be blunt I keep writing or stick to it in comparison to them Their words.Frankly I was surprised when I heard them tell me this.

How do I do it? I normally write my stories by hand the old fashion way with a notebook and smart pen. But still if I do it in front of the TV that can take my mind off it. I know one thing that helps is the WIPs I have. I love and am excited to see how it unfolds. Perhaps your story has stalled. Perhaps writer’s block has reared its ugly head.

What do you want out of your writing? What do you want to accomplish? Maybe write down your goals and hopes for your story and list what you need to do to get to that point. I give myself deadlines that I do my best to stick to.

Finding motivation for anything is not always easy for life always finds ways to interrupt that. But aren’t your characters crying out to you? Mines do.

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