Christmas: Give a book as a gift


I been fortunate and blessed to be able to keep doing something I love to do. As of now there is a children’s series, a true story about nature and an anthology of short stories and poetry. There is something for everyone, hopefully. They are available in print, Nook and Kindle. For Amazon they can be found here:

With the holidays around the corner why not give someone a book? Even if it is not one of mine, a gift of a book is a wonderful thing for us to explore new adventures, stories and places far away. When I am in a pinch that is what I give people on my list.

Books can fill up time at home without the TV blaring, you don’t need tickets to go to far away places and if you are waiting in line, which seems to be the case a lot, a good book to fill the time might hit the spot. For us who are readers, in my case avid reader, a book makes a great gift.



2 thoughts on “Christmas: Give a book as a gift”

  1. Hi, i have nominated you for the mystery award for blogging, its on my site for detail and hope you can join in.:-)

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