Getting motivated for 2016: How easy is it?


Getting motivated to do something when one has had some time off, one has to recover from health issues or family time is not easy. How does one get in the saddle so to speak and get back in the swing of things? It is easy to say oh just one more day. I will do this next week. I have plenty of time to do the next project. Plus there are a host of other excuses we can use.

Some of us may have started to wake up a bit later than we normally do. Getting our brains and our body to obey that it is time to get up to work is not always fun or a task that can be done readily. For me it is a bit easy since the doctor appts are already being scheduled, most of them from the last few months so that will make me get up and going soon. Once I am up, I am up and things tend to come at me like it comes at most people. Life is what we call it. How we figure out to get motivated varies and for the reasons we do it varies also.

Do we have a job to go to? Do we need to start looking for work? Is our next project looming with a deadline? Are people calling asking for things or just wondering where the heck you are?

Whatever it takes we all need to start and get up and go regardless of the reasons why. So I want to wish all of you that extra umph as we start the new year.

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