Literary grant: free money



In 2013 the local art council of the county was offering a literary grant. You could ask up to $2500. The point of the grant was to fund projects that would help us progress to the next level of our career. I was fortunate to be one of seven applicants to get awarded.

The rule is you can’t apply two years in a row if you win. That was okay for last year the grant was not strictly literary but all art. However this year they are funding another literary grant and I am debating trying for it or not. Time is not on my side and I hate to do a hap hazard job of it and then not stand a shot of getting my grant application approved.

I have written up half of what is required so far but the deadline is next month and time is going by fast for me to get it all done. So I am flip-flopping on this issue. It’s free money to spend on what I need. It is worth a shot even if I don’t win, right? I am trying to figure out what to legitimately ask for, quote the prices and keep working on this applicant and see where it falls. For as my motto has been for the last few years when it comes to my writing has not changed, “All they can say is no.

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