Slowing down




I need to slow down. This year has gone by so fast with so many things popping up for me to do or try to do. But also I have been helping others whether it is reading their books to review, critiquing their edits and attending writer’s meetings to mingle. It takes a drain on you and your own writings and other levels. You have to put what needs to be done in perspective whether that includes your writings, your family, your life and your health.

My body reminded me or has been reminding me the last five to six weeks that I am chronically ill for health wise I have been in a lot of pain. I’m in pain daily, it just varies from day-to-day. These last few weeks it has been intensified with no signs of relief.

I need to pay attention to it and give it the same love that it has given me over the years. So I will be slowing down. While I love helping people, I need to start saying no. After all, people have no problems telling me know when I ask for help, maybe I need to take a page out of their page. But not only that but when I see a new project or venture I need to evaluate it and if so be it tell myself no as well.

I need to pace and time myself daily and stop feeling bad if I don’t do certain things. This is hard when you are raised Catholic, the guilt is automatic. I will finish the projects that are in my folder at the moment, sadly there are a lot, and hopefully not add anymore to it so I can get centered again for I have lost that.

It’s time to have fun again.

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