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Tax time. As authors do you run your writing as a business? Do you deduct things pertinent to it? For example: mileage, fees to conferences, ink cartridges and in some case office space?

2014 was the year I noted down as much as I could. I logged everything that I could think of that pertained to my craft. Can all of it be used, I’m not sure. That is what I need to find out. It could be a bit depressing to see how much one might have kicked out versus how much came in. But it can also get you focus on what you need to do in making your career, if you so chose to do so, a business.

At the moment I am typing up my mileage. This is not a fun task. I did manage to download a travel log from online so this year will be not as bad.

I have set aside a calendar and notebook to make it easier to keep a record of what may come my way. I did the same in 2014 but will try to improve on it this year. This may be tedious in the long run, it may make no difference at all when it comes to filing but I won’t know that until we do file and see if my efforts were for naught.

Sometimes it takes the fun out of writing but if nothing else it gives me an indication on where I stand.

2 thoughts on “Your business:Writing”

  1. Haven’t done it for my writing but now that I’ve started this production company and will be making movies I’m gonna have to.– think writing’s bad on record keeping- holy crap! the paperwork is making me dizzy!

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