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2014-04-28 11.52.25

I have been reviewing for Booksneeze since 2010. Since I started, I have reviewed quite a number of books. Some from BS while others from authors who have heard that I offer this service for free. That’s right, for free. I now review for three sites and on my own.

Over the years the rules on how I place a review has changed as I come across people who give me reasons to do so. The rules are very specific, and only after an author agrees to the rules, and if I have time, will I say yes.

-I had one author send me an email and it said,” Where do I send my book?” What the heck? Manners would be nice, it is truly not asking a lot to be asked I think.

-I have had a person, after I read her book, say that if the review was going to be less than a three to not place it at all. I was pissed. I had taken time to read this book and to be told this made me see red.

– I have had authors ask for me to review all their books.

-I have had authors want to see the review and when seeing it have asked for me to change it.

– Last week I had someone ask me to not only review their book but would I purchase it so it be a verified purchase on Amazon. I had to admit I was taken back. The price was under a dollar so I did the purchase. But it was the first and will be the last time I do that. I broke my own rules. I receive all books for free. But considering that a review is coming out of it, I consider that a fair exchange.

Recently I found out my site has been placed on a listing for people who review. I was not asked but I didn’t mind. That was before I received an onslaught of people asking for me to review, and some of them not wanting to play by the rules. Some of the authors got down right mean when I refused to review three of their books in a row on my site. I said I would review their books but one at a time so the other people asking would get a turn. They were not happy. But we all know we can’t make everyone happy.

People are funny. I get it. Reviews are important to writers. Their important to me as well. But there is this little thing called courtesy. Use them people. I have the right to say no when you ask me to review for you. I am a writer myself and my time is hectic like everyone else. Courtesy is repaid with courtesy.

These are my rules for how I review a book. Am I being fair? I believe so.



6 thoughts on “Book Reviewer: Me”

  1. Courtesy? What’s that? lol Great post! I had someone email me like that once telling me where I could buy their book to review it. I was kind enough to email them back saying I only review if I’m given a copy of the book. Still haven’t heard back from him, but I did have a bad review pop up on one of my books a week later. lol Stay strong. People will come around. 🙂

  2. Thanks! I guess we should not be surprised that you got a bad review a week later. If someone askes me again I will say sure, when you buy a copy of my book for a review. There are so many places that charge authors for a review. I guess the fact I place it on four sites and i do it for free is just not enough for some people. 🙂

    1. No problem. Yeah, I wasn’t really surprised when I saw it. I usually don’t turn people down, but he does make it tough at times. I guess it’s part of the reward for offering a free service. lol

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