Literary Grant: I won


I have never ever applied for a grant of any kind. Yet this year I heard of a literary grant being offered from our Art Council in town. Figured it couldn’t hurt to attend one of the workshops I learned some key tips on how to make the application shine.

I decided to apply for all they could say was no. So by August 25th I filled out the forms, got recommendations from a few people, scanned and printed the budget supported materials that would be in the budget plan and dotted my i’s and crossed my t’s. The grant would run for the entire year of 2014. The waiting game began. I did not literally count the days, we all have lives.

One day in November I walked to my mailbox to find a letter from the council. I dropped all the letters I had in my hand to the payment as I opened it up. Anyone driving or walking by would have seen a craze woman looking at the sky with tears in her eyes as her mail surrounded her at her feet. Only seven people were selected from my county and I was one of them. This has blown me away. I can add this to my resume of accomplishments. The goal of this grant was people in the literary field and how to advance their career to the next level.

I feel truly fortunate that they felt my application deserved the funds that were requested to help me on my next journey. It has given me motivation to try for more grants. For again all they can say is no, right?

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