My Writing Genre

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My first book to come out is a children’s chapter book. Yet I don’t consider myself a children’s author but more along the lines of an author who wrote a children’s book. When I look at my other manuscripts that need to be revised and edited only one fits this genre. Though it had no choice since it’s volume two to the book that came out in September of this year.

People from my writing groups, those I know online and in real life are putting me in that genre specifically. Not only that but they will correct me if I disagree with the label. If my first book to come out had been about a new world in space would I be considered a sci- fi writer? This world loves to label things, whether those things are materialistic or human. We do it as well to others and ourselves. The range of genre that I write in if you go through my manuscripts are as follows just to name a few:

-A futuristic world where the way we know it no longer exists.

-An action adventure story that involves criminals and a hint of the mob.

-A true story about my battle with my backyard squirrels.

-A true story about racism among college students in the South.

I have a multitude of short stories that range from mystery, animals to paranormal. I don’t stay inside the box when it comes to my writing. They say write on what you know. Whether that is an idea that expanded into a short story and then moved on to a novelette or novella. In my case full novels. I write on what I enjoy, what comes to mind and things that I come across in real life.

I am not just a color in a box of crayons. I am the whole rainbow and then some.

7 thoughts on “My Writing Genre”

  1. I’m not much of a conformist so I don’t fit into anything well. lol I’m interested in a little of everything so I write about everything. This gets me into trouble, but the rule of sticking to one genre is like 90% of the rules for writing: They’re all subjective.

    So far I’ve written a mythological thriller, epic fantasy, horror, and soon to be released sci-fi. I consider myself an author and, for me. that’s where it ends for all of us.

    I’ll get off the soapbox now. lol

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