Book Reviewer: My book

Cod_Fsfe_Books_Icon_clip_art_mediumA reader informed me they had purchased my book and was now reading it. In the sense of reading it NOW. So this was my range of emotions.

-Someone bought my book. WOOT!
-Man, I hope they like it.
-I hope they don’t find any glaring errors.
-Oh my gosh someone bought my book!
-But what if they don’t like it?

I was getting updates as the book was being read. This was torture. It is not a big book but the updates included how she had to go do this and that so got interrupted. Finish the book darn it and put me out of my misery

I get the confirmation the book has been read and finished. She loved the characters, the way I developed and incorporated them into the book. The ups and downs were done well. She loved it.

I can breathe again. Man is this how it is always going to be when someone tells me they are reading my book?

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