My Coming Out Party: Author Style


My launch celebration will be small. For until the books arrive for me to have book signings there is not much hoopla I can do. I chose to keep it light. I will be having lunch at a place in town I enjoy and raise a wine glass in the air as a way of saying, “Job well done, Sharon.” I have invited some writers from my groups, I have three, and some friends. I am sure what will ensue will be chatter, laughter and some good cheer and well wishes. Writers are awesome and as a norm are truly happen when one from the collective does well. I know I sure am when a fellow writer has taken the next step. It is a great fraternity to belong in. No dues required.

I can’t believe that on Saturday, Sept 7th, my book will be released. Something I have been working on for the last few years. Something that I have been determined and motivated to get done regardless of what obstacles has come my way. I was focused on having a publisher pick up my book. Those obstructions were just stepping-stones and learning opportunities. I never once entertained the thought my book was not going to be published.

As my mantra went, when I was submitting this novel, “ All I need is one yes, just one.” A phrase that I have taped to my monitor. I kept at it for one is such a low number there was bound to be someone who would love my book as much as I did. Someone who envisioned where I wanted it to go.

The time has arrived. The feelings are so amazing. I wish that for all of you who are writers. It can not be described accurately even for someone who writes. This is a major event in my life and I will enjoy it as much as I can.

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