Author: A Solitary Life

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The life of a writer is solitary for the most part. Even if you have an office it serves one. You don’t get to have lunch with the office crew. You don’t get Christmas parties or birthday cupcakes. It is just you and your chosen method of writing whether that be by pen and paper or computer.

The social aspect that comes with working in a job with fellow coworkers can’t be reproduced in your office at home. If I had my way, all the writers I know would live in a 25 mile radius of me. They could come visit and write without us saying a single word to each other. It wouldn’t be required. Just the sheer presence of someone else would be worth it. The distractions are there. Within my reach is my fridge, TV, the internet and a host of other things that can preoccupy my mind as I work on any present WIP. One has to stay focus and prioritize when you work in an office of one. Things that might not get in my way if I had regular hours and an office space outside the home.

The solitude can be hard when humans are deemed social creatures. It does not always hit me as I tend to stay busy so my mind does not have time to think. Though there are those days, few thankfully, that I sit back in my chair and wish my office had a larger staff. Someone I could go talk to for thoughts, ideas and just general chit-chat.

Thankfully my characters draw me in as they beg for me to come play with them. How they want me to come and explore what is on the next page. They are always there for me during the good and bad times. I guess in their own right they are my coworkers sitting right there next to me waiting to talk.

8 thoughts on “Author: A Solitary Life”

  1. I’ve lucked out with my wife being a writer as well, but in a way, the life of a writer is perfect for me. I’m like my dad in that I don’t like being around a lot of people. I’m happy sitting or living off in the middle of nowhere with those I consider my friends within contacting distance.

      1. Yes, like you. 🙂

        It definitely does. As much as I hate to say it, sometimes my brain needs a recharge and chatting with other writers helps stimulate it. lol

  2. you can say that again!!!!! I love the solitude- I just crank the music(instrumental-no lyrics) and right away- no one to laugh or think I’m strange for talking to or arguing with my characters- but the down side of my home office is the people who think I can just drop what I’m doing and babysit or drive them to timbuctu – The phrase “Well you don’t have a real job” does make me wish my office was somewhere other than the house.

    1. I had someone tell me recently it must be nice to be home all day and write. I was so flabbergasted I said nothing. I am home due to being disabled. Some people just don’t get it. I totally hear you Jo.

  3. There are groups of writers who do write together. They rent a room, or gather in one place with their laptops and spend the day writing, taking breaks to chat, or ask each other questions. John Green has a segment of his vlogbrothers videos showing him with some of his writing group, Maureen Johnson and Scott Westerfeld, sitting around a table in hotel room. It’s not exciting, but it looks like a nice way to work.

    1. I am fortunate to have some writing groups in town. Without them I might go nuts doing this line work. Though when I am home it can get really quiet. I like that idea though for the writers in my area who don’t come to the group. Thanks for posting this.

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