Practicing My Signature

2013-05-20 10.53.31


This may seem silly but I been practicing my signature. You know for when my book comes out at the end of this summer. For after all it is going to be a huge hit and people will want signed copies of it. Yes my mind dreams big. So I been using up scrap after scrap of left over paper to sign my John Hancock repeatedly. You think this would be easy. I mean it is not as if I am trying to learn a new name. It is one I been signing for years now. So why the need to get it right? Does it matter?Do people really care about this in their book? I don’t know. I truly do not know why I feel the need to practice.

And of course the one signature that I liked the best on the sheets is the one I can not reproduce readily without giving it a lot of thought.

That is just how it is. But I will continue to practice who knows I might be able to reproduce it more than a few times. I can’t be the only one who does this. I will worry what I will be inscribing inside the book as it comes up. For there will be no line sheets to help me out as a guideline.

10 thoughts on “Practicing My Signature”

  1. This sounds familiar. lol I was taught to scribble my name so it’s unreadable while in retail so I’ve been trying to unlearn that. The only time my signature is anything close to readable is when I focus on each letter and then only sometimes.

      1. There ya go. 🙂 I should’ve been a doctor or lawyer with mine. There really isn’t anywhere to go but up for me. lol

  2. Don’t sign your books as you would a check. i.e. have a different signature for book signing. That advice was passed to me when my first book was published. Enjoy signing!

  3. in ‘creating’ my signature i look to classical writing styles that I enjoy and they looked for ways to incorporate that with my signature. In doing this I have incorporated my celtic heritage and the use of the 11th century hooked y and x. I am lucky enough to have one of those in my name, and adding it to my signature makes it look very unique.

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