2013-02-19 09.08.09

I had to take a picture. It is not every day that my fuel tank hits the big F lately with the ridiculous gas prices we have been seeing the last few years. My poor car did not know how to react. Normally I put in half and try to minimize where I go. But we all know there are those times you just can’t.  There are the days I go to my doctor in Winston Salem. That trip alone is close to three hours away. Due to my recent surgery I have gone up three times by the time February rolled on out.

Every time I drive up to the gas station the drill is the same. Put enough to get at least half so I feel that I have some breathing room. It is rare I have enough at one time to fill up the tank. I tend to logic it away why I should not fill it up.

For some reason beyond my control the minute that feat is accomplished is when hubby needs to use it for the space. Or rather events come up that requires we drive outside of our area. It just seems to know and the gate ways open giving me little option of saving my gas as long as I can.

It sucks for all of us. The reason for this momentous occasion was simple. I have redone my budget, an ongoing event for me, to where I earmarked money for gas. Since I have done so twice my car has been happily overfed and it is starting to enjoy that feeling. I would love for Jr. to get use to it. Time will tell.

For the moment I still get a tiny woohoo when I see the fuel gauge at F. Oh it is the small things in life that makes us smile right?

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