How comfortable are you in using different POVs for your characters and books? Do you stray outside the box and try different aspects? Or rather do you stick to the norm? I have taken three creative writing class, two under the same instructor. I firmly believe there is always something out there for me to learn to improve me as a person and a writer.

One particular class the instructor challenged us to change our POV. We were to check our stories that we had written and try writing from a person we had not thought to do before. He gave us an example. We were to think of a children’s story but to write it from someone’s else viewpoint. I chose the “The Three Little Pigs” and in it I wrote through the wolf’s eyes. It did not end with a happily ever after. But just doing that one story opened my eyes to new avenues that I had never thought of before. And by keeping myself in a box I was leaving a lot of potential amazing stories unwritten due to my mind being closed to this facet of writing.

At the time one of the novels I was working on was based on my war with my back yard squirrels. Taking a note from that WIP I wrote a collection of short stories with each one having a different POV from the characters of my novel.  I had so much fun exploring this and what came out of it was a comedy that I did no know existed inside of me. I am grateful for Mr. Wynn for bringing this up in class. Since then I have written a few short stories and another novel. But now when they are done I rewrite them giving them a different spin.

The potential has increased on what I can write about. So again I ask are you comfortable using different POVs in your stories or do you like to stay inside the box?

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