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You need one right? Sure you do. Some authors makes one for each book while others like me creates one that pertains to us as writers. How easy is it to do? Simple actually. If you already have a FB account then all one has to do is create a group.

Create a page at the link here


It is as easy as filling in the dots. Before you start you might want to take a few minutes to figure out what you would like your page to be called. Do you want it primarily for you as an author or for each of your books. How would you describe yourself? What is the purpose of you creating this page? Are you wanting to use your real or pen name if you have one?  Once that is all figured out it is time to begin at the link above. You can change your name of the page a few times. However once you have 25 likes the name you place in the box will be the name until the group is no longer active.

This is a good way like Twitter and other social medias to get your brand and yourself out there. When I first started 25 seemed like a heck of a lot but that is where family comes in and friends of family. Thanks to them I reached the magical number relatively fast. There is one thing that FB does not say out there in the open. If you like someone’s page using anything but your profile page then the like is not counted toward the overall count. Why? No one seems to know the answer to this. So if you are getting people to like your page or you theirs use your profile page not your FB fan page.

How can we get our likes to increase comes to networking. There are quite a few karma groups out there that it’s mere existence is to like other people’s pages, follow their author’s blogs, follow them on Twitter and the likes. Some people are happy to jump on this wagon and go for the ride. Others feel it is impersonal and rather go slow and steady. Whatever way works for you works for you. I dip into both pots. Why not I mean it is all about authors helping authors trying to support each other in a tough business of publication.

Since I have started my page the hits on my author’s blog has gone up and with a bang. People are talking about what I write there and are sharing it with each other. A win for me and for what I am trying to accomplish. You can find the karma groups on FB, Twitter and other media. I have gotten most of my likes from Twitter and FB groups. In fact I am now an admin for such a group that helps share the karma around. On FB it is called Author Karma Group.

It is not a sure hit, most people will follow some will not. This crosses all formats of social media. But in doing this you come across some pretty cool people who are willing to share with you what they have learned as I am trying to do here in my social media series. We are all here for each other, trying to help each other out like others have done for us.  Some people are not into FB or creating pages for themselves and that is totally up to them. This is a tough business though an a little help goes a long way. And by doing this on FB it is a good start on getting your name out.

Have any questions just ask.

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