If you could be any animal in the world what would it be? This is an easy question for me… a bird. Anyone who knows me will realize I am a bird lover and in fact owned by 8 birds. It all started in 1998 when my family was living in an apartment complex. To have a dog or cat meant paying an extra $250.00 per month which to me was absurd. I love animals but come on. When I asked the manager what animals could we have that did not incur the fee he told me anything I could put in a cage or tank.

That is how it all started. I researched cockatiels for over 6 months, making sure I was not getting in over my head with an animal I had never had before. Soon Maxie and Twopiece came into our lives, a bonded pair that puts most marriages to shame in their love for each other. As the years passed, more birds started to come into our home.

The reaction I got was mixed. Some thought it was cruel to keep birds in cages. This I do agree with but the ones I had were born and bred in captivity and it was all they knew. My birds are out constantly. Others said that they didn’t consider birds pets, and to those people I would say β€œ Apparently you have never been owned by one.” The last group were fellow bird owners who understood my fascination and love I had for my birds.

My birds are not just pets to look at and enjoy. They help me in ways that are immeasurable. With me being disabled, I do get my share of surgeries and treatments. These little feather animals always seem to know when I am hurting or not feeling good. They will sit on my shoulder and either groom me, sing softly in my ear or just keep me company knowing this is exactly what I need. They love me unconditionally and all they ask in return is love back- isn’t that one thing all family members want? I don’t even say I own birds, rather I am owned by them. Anytime I need to unwind, have a crappy day, or just need to forget they are there happily to share their joy with me. They each have their own personality which makes them stand out. I can now tell by the singing which one one my birds it is. They truly give me a joy that is priceless

I guess in retrospect my birds are not pets. They are in reality my family. I wake up to them singing and go to bed hearing their tiny snores. I would not have it any other way. Yeah I might be that crazy lady in the park feeding pigeons down the road, but it will be with a new understanding and appreciation of them then I have had before.

My finch Nilla

These are the boys. Left to right- BJ,Angel, Twopiece and Nye

Two parakeets I rescued this past Spring – Left to right- Snowball and Cory

The most famous bird on our street- Jasper

4 thoughts on “Birds”

  1. I used to have birds; I raised–or watched the bird parents raise–two clutches of cockatiel babies, and four clutches of African lovebird babies. They were beautiful. They were fascinating. I understand.

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