Sam and Dean

The family has been watching the show “Supernatural” since its conception. Well my husband has and my son and I got drawn in soon afterwards. We will watch reruns and laugh at the same spots. Scenes will be brought up in conversations among ourselves. Upon hearing the show was being continued for another season, I externally shouted WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOO! I do have a favor of the producers, editors and writers. Could you please have Sam and Dean be shirtless as much as possible? I mean I am willing to give up my first born bird if I have to. OK maybe not to that extent, but you all get the point. These men are HOT with a capital HOT. Oh my gosh, all they have to do is stand there and I would be happy. I use to be Team Sam but the last few years I have switched over to Team Dean where I still reside. I love this show, and I honestly wish it never would end. The new season starts in a matter of weeks and we are so stoked- and ready.

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