My Office

This is my office. It is not big or fancy, but I am making it work.

On the far left you will see a rosary, cross and picture on the wall. This set has been in our family for 5 generations, my grandfather passed it on to me. It is all made by hand and it means a lot to me. My bookcase houses a combination of resources, supplies and inspiration. You would also see the books that I am in the process of reviewing for various authors.  Also included, one would see the books I have to read for my 2 book clubs, one of which I  run.  One shelve houses some of my lighthouses, colorful stones and shells.  Other  books included are for my research, reading pleasure and writings.  On the right are my cockatiels. They are normally let loose 95 percent of the time. The norm is one will be on me or on my keyboard at any given time. But they are my relaxation and stress release mechanism. What you don’t see are the many bookcases that surround this room.

I do have two doors I can close when I need the quiet. I know it is not much but  for the moment it’s ok

4 thoughts on “My Office”

    1. Thank you- I have a huge window to look outside and of course my other birds. This room is lovingly our bird room, dining room and lastly my office. Do you have a picture of your office by chance or where you do your writings?

  1. Not yet, but give me a couple of days and I will get one. My “office” space for writing (as opposed to my office at work) is really either a desk area in the kitchen or, more often, the dining room table.

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