What’s in a name?

This is me at 6 weeks

My parents named me Sharon. A while back I looked up the meaning of that name and came across this- to which I framed and hung up.

Sharon- Place of Sharon, Hebrew

Solomon’s song- the Rose of Sharon having beauty and joy in harmony of mind and soul, she is such a sweetie, well dressed and articulate- what a lady as astute and straight forward, she gives her all, keeping a positive attitude in all she does and says, loves to rise to the challenge of the unknown, pushing herself the limits

Other sources have the meaning as being- Beautiful Princess and Pretty Princess

One other source had the following chart on what my name meant.


Competitive – a leader, independent, strength, creative and original


Diplomatic – friendly, tactful, peaceful, gentle and sensitive


Optimistic – Easygoing, sociable, spontaneous and humorous


Traditionalist – Determined, reliable, conservative, activist and organised


Creative – Free spirited, artistic, enquiring, innovative and influential


Contributor – Responsible, careful, conventional and reliable


Inventive – Imaginative, resourceful, eccentric, quiet and thoughtful


Organizer – Leadership skills, planner, strong, high achiever and sound judgment


Humanitarian – Compassionate, caring, charitable and civilised

This is a really tall order for a little tyke.

Below is a picture of the woman the little tyke has turned into. I wonder often how close I came to filling even half of the requirements my name is asking of me. I don’t see myself as half these things, but then again other people might see in me what I am to close to notice. If I can do even some of the above I would be happy. Who knows, maybe I am already there and just am to busy to notice.


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