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Guest Bloggers/Writers Needed

Guest bloggers are needed for the month of November. NaNoWriMo is around the corner and I am going for back to back wins. With that comes some reorganization of my social medias and how they are updated. So this means I am looking for writers of any kind who might want to showcase a post on this website.

I am looking for four maybe five to fill up the month with me. This is a win for both of us. It will help showcase someone’s work on this blog hence reaching a different audience. For me it prevents my blog from coming to a slow grind due to the November madness.

Guest posts should not be more than 500 words. It can be about your books, you as an author or a subject matter that can be silly and fun. Obviously nothing distasteful will be placed up here, it is my blog.

If anyone is interested just contact me and we can go from there.

Oh What A Night

The date: November 20, 2011 The time: 4:35pm

NaNoWriMo 2011 is a writing frenzy where writers attempt to write 50k words in one month. This has been my first year trying and it has been phenomenal. I don’t recall ever being this sleep deprived in my life. While my novel that I wrote for November is about 75 percent done in theory as of today I have the word count of 50,263. The last 2500 words did not come to me easily. I struggled. Of course life being the way it is the minute I realized I had cross the magical barrier two ideas popped into my head that I could add to my book. Why did you decide to show up NOW was what I thought. The word count has been validated but I still plan on writing until the end of November. But no longer do I have to get up at 5 am so I can write on this book.

But getting the word count is not the only way I have won. This has made me write every day since I started the frenzy. It got me focused on a story that I been meaning to put down on paper for well over a year now. Also I have met some amazing people along the way who have been funny, supportive and just down right awesome. People who I will remain friends long after this adventure ends on Nov 30th. It has been an incredible ride and I have taken away from it so much more then what the website could ever promise me. I am not sure if I will do this next year for my life has been on hold for a few weeks now but I would not change it for a thing. This has given me the confidence that I can do this and that writing is not a passing fad that will disappear in a puff of smoke. To all the people who have helped me I thank you. Also I am here to encourage you, have your back and pick you up as you work toward your own personal goal this November. Good luck everyone.

Midpoint of NaNoWriMo 2011

It is the midway point of NaNoWriMo 2011. The adventure has had its ups and downs during my first attempt at this mash dash frenzy to 50K words. My goal has remained the same. I want the story that has been in my head for the past year to be placed down on paper. If I get a good portion of it written then I will consider myself a winner. If the word count is accomplished that is just icing on the cake

The two things that I have stuck to has been:

A/ Getting up at 5 am and writing for a straight hour. It is the best time of the day when my hands and joints are not hurting at full speed. The end of the day they are screaming bloody murder. Also life has a way of getting in the way and before we know it the day is already gone.

B/ A good NaNo buddy of mine named Ruth gave me a great tip. Before the month of November started, write down 30 plots I could write about. I would pick one each day to write on and stick to it until I got a word count I was happy with. That way I would not sit in front of the computer twiddling my thumbs.

At the moment my word count is 34,295 on day 15.  I am tired and sleep deprived and I honestly can’t wait for November to be done. I need to get back to my projects that had to be push to the side due to this adventure I have embarked on. Will I do this next year I do not know but if so I will be better prepared.

I have always looked up to people who have written full blown novels that had word counts that overshadow my small words. Yet here I am with the word count slightly over 34K and still climbing. I have amazed myself and yes I am pretty darn tooting proud at the same time. Another perk of this NaNoWriMo has been my ability to show myself I can do it like the others and that at the end of the day is the best reward of all.