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Every year goes faster it seems



It seems every year goes by faster than the year before. Once Thanksgiving comes and goes, you have Christmas and before you know it a new year is upon us.

My mom has told me, “Sharon, we are all getting older. We are not here as long as we use to be.” When she told me this we both laughed. But once I thought on it a bit I came to the conclusion she was right. When we are younger, we have hopefully a long life ahead of us to try things, to make mistakes, to learn from the mistakes and to try again. We are not thinking of time passing us by. People, young people, don’t have time for that. They are to busy living, enjoying themselves and going about their day.

But how about the older generation? Every moment counts, it should count regardless how old one is. I just happen to notice it more as each year goes by because like my mom said we have less time on this earth. We should enjoy it as much as we can.

For example once every four or five months I will take a class at the local community college. So far I have taken two photography classes, three art classes, calligraphy, and three creative writing classes. The new catalog comes out in the beginning of January and I will check out what is available that I can take. I love to learn. I love being around people and making new friends. People who to this day I still hang out with even though the class we took was a few years ago.

For me that is a form of living, a form of staying busy and enjoying myself. You can be any age to do the above but as we get older and start getting slower it is important to do things that make us happy and keep our brains active. Especially as the years go by faster and faster to the time it stops.

Taking off my writer’s hat: Paris




I am taking off my writer’s hat.

Last week there was a horrific event in Paris that shook the world. As reports came in, people reacted in various ways. At first I felt numb. After, I felt angry at myself for not feeling empathy right away. Something my husband says I have a lot of. Maybe because we are so used to violence in the streets, in the world, in the news and newspapers that we get desensitized to what is going on. It wasn’t until the day after, on Saturday, that I wept for the victims, their friends and families and the country of France. The death toll had risen quite a bit since the night before and there were a chance it could continue to do so.

In 1981 a group of us from my high school, with chaperones like my mother, went to France . We were from Northern Maine where our heritage, our culture is so tightly ingrained in our French bloodline. We speak it, read it and pass it on down. Well most of us do. France and Canada are part of us, it is where we are from.

So those two countries have always been near and dear to us. Visiting the capital of Paris was overwhelming, exciting and an adventure I will never forget. Visiting the Louvre, Notre Dame and Monte St. Michel are memories still packed in my brain cells. The people were friendly, open and willing to help us if we needed it.

After 9/11 this was a picture that came out of France. They were staying with us, next to us, together. One of our best allies we have ever had. So to see what they have endured over the last 10 months was heart breaking. And even if all I can do is weep for them, if all I can do is offer my prayers to them, we are one in spirit.