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Is there a movie out there that you could watch repeatedly? The jokes don’t get old? No matter if you know the next scene about to come but instead you are waiting for it so you can just laugh out loud? My latest love is “Despicable Me”. I can not even begin to count how many times I have seen this movie. The fact that it was In Demand on my cable was bad enough but now my son owns a copy. He had seen it so many times through me he is in love with it as I am.  It is good clean fun and no matter what part of the movie is playing, if I am walking by the couch will have a new buddy. I will be honest this movie was not watched when it first came out. But now that it has entered my life, last six months, it gets watched daily.

Now that might seem excessive to watch the same movie every single day. Well there’s a catch. Our birdie Jasper, the one pictured on this blog, has fallen in love with the yellow minions from the movie. My son and I both agree they make this film work. Jasper will slide down the rail, onto the couch and get comfortable in front of the tv so he can watch his movie. Please don’t walk in front of him. And whatever you do, DO NOT SIT DOWN IN FRONT OF HIM. Oh my gosh talk about a bird who will have a hissy fit.

This is a picture of him getting riled up when I walked in front of him while he was watching the movie. He ruffled his feathers to hurry me along.

This is when I was talking to him during the movie. He totally ignored me in hopes I would shut up so he could get back to the show.

Jasper absolutely loves this movie. In fact as I type up this blog he is situated at the corner of the couch watching “Despicable Me”. He laughs at the same spots we do and at spots we don’t. It is comical to find out what he thinks is funny or not.

We have corrupted our green buddy and he likes it. They are making a sequel that comes out next summer. Hopefully the people in charge do it justice. I suspect if they do a copy will make its way home for my family to enjoy for a long time.

Until then the spot on the couch will get a little more worn out from where Jasper sits to watch this film.


Other shows he likes to watch are:

SpongeBob SquarePants

Scooby- Doo- But not the ones with Scrabby-Doo. My bird is smart.

How To Train Your Dragon

Request for Manuscript

In February a serious effort to submit two of my books was started. The email queries got sent out first and I am now working on the ones that need to be sent out by regular mail.

Well long story short I have just been contacted from a publisher. They want to see the rest of the Jasper. Amazon Parrot book. I know I know it is a long shot. But just hearing the nice things she said about the sections I sent her made me teary eye.

A small portion of me feels validated regardless of where this ends up. I thought darn woman it is silly to tear up over this but now that I have had a chance to think on it, it really isn’t.

There was a small set back. Earlier this year I created a new email just for my writing. The one I would use to send out my query letters, ask for information on guidelines and all that good stuff so it would not get lost in with my other email activities. So all excited from the contact from a publisher I logged into this account. I typed in my user name. Woohoo almost there. Next was to type in the password, the one that I created that I just KNEW I would not forget but I did. Knowing I could get a recovery email from the server I did so only to be told I had to wait 24 hours for security reasons.  My mouth dropped wide enough to catch flies as I stared blankly into space. Time was of the essence but that did not matter I had to wait until March 17th to get this fixed. I finally got the new password and sent the MS to the publisher on Saturday. The anxiety that was felt in having to wait is indescribable.

This is an excerpt of what the publisher said :

It is lovely written and without a doubt Jasper, Amazon Parrot, will entertain and educate young readers with his adventure in the Rainforest. We would love to review the entire manuscript.”

Gosh I don’t care how many times I read this, giddiness envelopes me. Bottom line where ever this goes, the fact someone thought the above makes me squeal inside and out.

Asleep or Awake

Asleep or Awake?

For Christmas I purchased a camera for my husband that he had mentioned he wanted. When my husband started playing with it, we saw the flash was green and not the regular red of our other cameras. This particular picture seen here is where my husband took a picture of Jasper with the flash on. The green flash illuminated his entire body making my parrot look down at his chest with a “What the hell people?” kind of look. While it does look like he is asleep, he is not. Jasper is just trying to figure out where this green spotlight is coming from. Fortunately my husband figured out how to turn the green off so my poor bird won’t be in a constant state of “What the heck?” mode.