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Dead or Alive?


Dead or Alive? What do you think?



Among my many birds to keep me company is our black hamster Sylar. His partner passed away a few months ago due to arthritis. Sylar who is now 5 has now become my buddy when I am in my office. He unfortunately has the knack of sleeping in a rather unusual position. One that will be the death of me to be honest. Above is a snapshot of the sleeping position he favors. It is not to clear I realize but if you look among his bulk it would show 3 of his legs are pointing straight up. Why one might ask. Well Sylar likes to sleep on his back with his four legs straight up in the air with his head tossed to the side and mouth open. Something that makes me think he might be dead. Three times I have caught him sleeping this way and three times I have thought he was dead, getting ready to dig a hole for him in the back yard. I love this little guy but good grief my heart is not as strong as it use to be.

Parrot Mountain

Most of you know at this point about my youngest child Jasper. He is now 17 years old and considers himself quite a catch. I mean considering he is young, handsome, laid back and can nestle against your cheek he is the cat’s meow. With all that, I do worry about him and his future.

Last night my husband showed me videos from a zoo in Pigeon Forge, TN called Parrot Mountain. The link

It is a marvelous place for people who truly care about birds. Watching some of the videos where birds like him doing the same stuff he does got Jasper’s attention fast.

Over the years I have wondered what would happen to him once we passed on. Yes, our son will be taking over his care when my husband and I are no longer able to. But with Jasper living so long, anywhere from 80 years old and up, we have to think of possibilities like this for the just in case factor. I have already told my husband I want to go visit this park. It’s about 6 hours from us one way but I feel it be worth the trip.

While birds have been a huge part of my life since 1998, I was not prepared for how much one bird would affect my family in the way Jasper has. To say he is a bird is truly an insult to him, he is not. He is my bubba, green ass bird, Jazzy, and a sleuth of other love names he has gotten over the years. He has been with us since the summer of 1999 when he was at the tender age of 5 and that is when he became family.

Squirrels- my long time enemy

People who know me personally know that I hate squirrels. I even wrote a small book on it that is in the process of being edited. The sequel is half way done. I was folding my clothes in my room on the 2nd floor yesterday to which I heard some barking. Looking left and right, I saw this little fellow on my chimney on the 2nd floor.

He lunged at me but oh so sorry there was a window between us.

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