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I'm a traditionally and self published author. I write in the genre of children and YA at the moment but working my way up to adults. I'm a sports loving, photo taking gal who loves to sing/dance to my own enjoyment. I love to laugh even at myself. I am also owned by 8 birds and 2 hamsters, and yes they know it. :)

Shower Time

One of Jasper’s love  is shower time. It does not matter how soaked he is, it is never enough. I mean, he will look like a drown kitten and still beg for more. When I am done he will go to his water dish and get in and basically give me a look saying ” This is how it is done.”

If you look closely you can see water droplets- just click on the picture

What’s in a name?

This is me at 6 weeks

My parents named me Sharon. A while back I looked up the meaning of that name and came across this- to which I framed and hung up.

Sharon- Place of Sharon, Hebrew

Solomon’s song- the Rose of Sharon having beauty and joy in harmony of mind and soul, she is such a sweetie, well dressed and articulate- what a lady as astute and straight forward, she gives her all, keeping a positive attitude in all she does and says, loves to rise to the challenge of the unknown, pushing herself the limits

Other sources have the meaning as being- Beautiful Princess and Pretty Princess

One other source had the following chart on what my name meant.


Competitive – a leader, independent, strength, creative and original


Diplomatic – friendly, tactful, peaceful, gentle and sensitive


Optimistic – Easygoing, sociable, spontaneous and humorous


Traditionalist – Determined, reliable, conservative, activist and organised


Creative – Free spirited, artistic, enquiring, innovative and influential


Contributor – Responsible, careful, conventional and reliable


Inventive – Imaginative, resourceful, eccentric, quiet and thoughtful


Organizer – Leadership skills, planner, strong, high achiever and sound judgment


Humanitarian – Compassionate, caring, charitable and civilised

This is a really tall order for a little tyke.

Below is a picture of the woman the little tyke has turned into. I wonder often how close I came to filling even half of the requirements my name is asking of me. I don’t see myself as half these things, but then again other people might see in me what I am to close to notice. If I can do even some of the above I would be happy. Who knows, maybe I am already there and just am to busy to notice.

Can you laugh?

Can you laugh at yourself? I mean really, stop and take a moment and think about that question. It’s said that laughter is the best medicine and I agree. How many can make fun of themselves and truly have a deep gut wrenching belly laugh at something we have done? I know I can. If you can’t laugh at yourself then how can you laugh at others? One is really not living if all we can do is laugh at others hence making it a one sided issue. Let’s face it, people do stupid things, and yes that includes ourselves. Stupid things that if it was someone else doing it, we would bust out laughing in waves of tears. Live a little and think or rather feel outside the box. You know what? Dance a little and sing out loud even if you are the only one in the room. I don’t care if you have 2 left feet or if you couldn’t carry a tune if it had handles. So what? Isn’t doing all of this just a part of living and expressing who we are?

Doing these simple things is what makes me me. I use to care but now I realize how silly that is. It is liberating once we let these notions just slide away. After all, who made those rules up? Probably the people who are great at dancing and singing.  I will admit, I can’t dance or sing well- I no longer let that stop me  Life is so very short- don’t help it along the way. It is chaotic and stressing and downright cruel-live a little. It is so easy to do and guess what, it’s free. How many things in this world are free? So sing out loud , dance a little jig, have a laugh at your own expense. Trust me, it will make you smile. With that being the end results, how can it be wrong?  If you could peek into my piece of the world and look in the window this is what you would see on most days- a laughing, funky dancing, mixed lyrics toting woman. But I tell you, what you would see is a smile and someone who has learned, finally, to laugh at herself.