Guest posting by Jasper who is the main character of my children’s chapter series geared toward middle grade. Oct 20, 2020. He explores what it feels like being the main  character.

Jasper, Amazon Parrot ~ Character Post

Guest post on Erin Kahn’s site. Oct 8, 2020/The topic being what’s it’s like living with the main character of your  book.

A guest post on Ramona Mead’s site- Oct 5, 2020/The topic being “Is Writing Easy For Children Easy?”

Is Writing For Children Easy?

By Voice 9: This is a guest blog on Voice 9. The topic was “Authors in the shade of the pandemic situation”/ September 27, 2020

By Cynthia Morgan- September 26, 2020

Cynthia placed my interview on two sites


Jaspar the Amazon Parrot – An #Interview with a #YABook #ChildrensBook #Writer

Word Mongery and Musings:

Jaspar the Amazon Parrot – An #Interview with a #YABook #ChildrensBook #Writer


By Tarak Ghosh- September 13, 2020

Interview with International Author: Children-author Sharon C. Williams

By Dawn Heslin- Sept 10, 2020

By Debdatta Dasgupta Sahay- Sept 8, 2020

Gwyn Jordan  -Sept 3,2020

An audio book review

By Julia Sutton- August 17, 2020

By Chat and Spin radio- out of England Aug 4, 2020

I am at 33 min and 29 seconds in


By Avid Reader- May 5, 2020

Book Humans Interviews: MaineMuse


By Sandra. J. Jackson- Feb 1,202

This one is different. It was my main character, Jasper, who was interviewed instead of me.

By Cheryl Holloway- Jan 24, 2020

Guest Author – Sharon C. Williams

By James J. Cudney- Nov 4, 2019

Author Spotlight: Sharon C. Williams

By Debbie De Louise-July 12, 2019

Author Spotlight of Sharon C. Williams, Children’s and Multi-Genre Author

By Tarak Ghosh- Oct 2, 2018

By  Sandra J. Jackson- Aug 25, 2018

By Lorna Suzuki-Jan 17, 2016

By Dante Craddock- Feb 4, 2015

By Aviva Gittle- Feb 10, 2014

By Megan Cyrulewski- Feb 5, 2014

By A Chapter In Time- Jan 2014

By Johana Rae- Dec 11, 2013

By B.S.Johnson Nov 9, 2013

By Approachable Fiction Oct 19, 2013

By Tracy James Jones- Sept 12, 2013

By Lissette E. Manning Dec 13, 2011


The Musings of A New Englander

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