Queen of webinars: writing information

2013-07-21 18.27.38

Queen of Webinar. I been dubbed that by a few writer friends. I love webinars. The ones I attend are normally free but offer a world of information. Just this past week I viewed one on Scrivener which has been the rage for writers for a few years now. I have heard of it but don’t have the program as of yet but thought it be cool to watch. It was.

There are webinars for just about anything. All one has to do is do a search and viola. I have viewed most of my webinars on topics of writing, marketing, promotion and so forth. Majority of the time if not all they try to sell you something at the end. But you are not required to buy. Just listen. Which is what I do. I watch webinars like I watch documentaries. All the time. My poor family when a topic comes up and I say, “Oh wait I saw that in a documentary and they said …” I am now doing that for webinars.

Free. I mean come on it is free. All that it requires is your time. Heck a good portion of them they record and they send you the link to watch at your own leisure. All you have to do is have registered for it. There is so much to do and consider when you are an artist of any kind, especially an author.

So when someone offers to help with a free video I am all for it.


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