When authors forget their manners


I am a book reviewer and have been since 2010. Experience with authors has made me fine tune my rules into how I review a book. Someone even told me, upon looking at my structure, that it looked professional in how I go about doing this and he wish his way was more like it.

I do this for free and place the review on eight sites. I have had problem children come across my way. The author who after I read a book said if I couldn’t give above a three to not review it. The rule is now if I take the time to read and review your book, it is going up. Period. I have had an author send me a letter asking me where to send the book. I replied stating that a hello, a please and if I had time and so on would have been nice instead of the line I just wrote here. I have authors want me to review every single book they have ever written.

But something happened recently that made me step back. An author pretended to be two people and proceeded to take two slots on my list of books to read. Now, if he had just asked if I would review a second book I would have told him yes. It would just be down the road, not in a row. But no, instead he pretended to be a different person so I would review two of his books.

Needlessly to say I was not happy, and that is putting it mildly. I do this for free on my own time. I am an author myself, a mom and wife and have health issues. Free time there is little of it. So to be greedy and want two in a row by lying to me did not sit well with me at all.

It still doesn’t. So it is back to my set of rules and will have to update them again.

5 thoughts on “When authors forget their manners”

  1. I never got the whole “do whaat I say” mentality so maany have toward an offered service. On the plus side, once you kick them aside, they usually don’t come around anymore. Good luck! 🙂

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