My speech to an ALS support group

2013-09-30 13.43.03

This past Tuesday I did a speech on Pet Therapy to a local ALS group. I had been practicing for weeks as I gathered information to convey to the pals and cals which are patients of ALS and caregiver of ALS. I did draw from experiences as a patient, as a caregiver and having animals in the home who have helped me so much since I first became sick so many years ago.

The group was small and very laid back. It helped that the coordinator of the group is a good friend of mine so she was there to help prompt the members to ask questions as she did herself. But than something interesting happen. She told me that they are very quiet and might not interact. Boy was she wrong. They asked questions, they talked about their experiences and helped move the meeting along. The group consisted of patients, caretakers and a health professional. This is the feedback I received.

Peggy: “Joanna, did you bring Sharon here to just talk to me? She gets what I am going through.”

Ken-health pro-“You did a wonderful job. Very informative.”

Margie-“Could you come back and speak to us again?”

Plus multiple hugs from the ladies.

Before I knew it I was being told I just had five minutes left to wrap it up. I was floored how fast it went. Every bit counts, as far as I am concern, regardless of the size of the group, size of the presentation and the overall reactions I receive. But more importantly it was nice to give back to the community , in a small way, and that for me personally made it worth the work and time it took to do this.

Author Services: My client is going to be published



11817195_1698654523679438_3370435592056297867_nI started an author service last Fall. I was fortunate to get a client soon after. WOOHOO Since last August we have been meeting close to every Wednesday for three hours at a time. The goal was to get her manuscript in tip-top shape and to show her the technique to how I was able to get my first book finished and published by a traditional publisher.

Joanna has been a joy for she was diligent in learning what I had to teach her. A month ago her book was picked up for publication from a company out of Connecticut. Another WOOHOO moment. She just signed her contract and is ready to move forward as the pictures show above. I am very proud of her. Plus I am proud of myself for even though I only had one client, the end results were what we were hoping and shooting for.

I am batting 1 for 1 right now and it feels pretty darn good.

My book has been nominated


Jasper and I have been nominated by an online book club by the name of Noveltunity. This took me by surprise for I have no clue how that came to be. But let me take a moment to go WOOOOHOOOO!

I am going to be realistic and say I probably don’ have a snowball chance in heck. But I am still stoked that the book is up to be voted on. I did wonder to my peeps on Facebook if I could do like actors and actresses when they are announced as 1x or 2x Oscar nominee and so on. The peeps said sure why not. I have to admit I like the sound of that.

The voting ends in August and if nothing else I voted for myself for what it’s worth. My favorite reaction came from my friend Gina who said, “ It’s another feather in your cap Sharon.”

If anyone is interested in voting the link is below.