My second children’s book: Picked up for publication



I received wonderful news this past Saturday. My second children’s book has been picked up for publication.


I read the email while riding with my hubby in his truck while doing errands most of the day. It was hard to contain myself as I leaned back in the seat and smiled BIG.

My mind is already going a thousand miles an hour on things as it is but now needs to focus on this project after the contract is signed.

Jasper and I will be at it again in Jasper: Rainforest Friends and Family.

My reviews on Amazon

2013-08-12 08.28.43


When I do a review for a book I place it on eight sites. I don’t get paid to do this, I just do it. Getting a recent email from Amazon I discovered I had reviewed 133 books for them. That number blew my mind. I’m not even sure when I first started to do it, but it sure has added up.

But in the email they sent me was an interesting fact. Customers have found your reviews helpful 123 times. Say what? That blew my mind again. When I did the math, if it can be done this way mind you, that gives me a rating of over 92%. I think this is pretty neat.

I don’t place reviews with any ulterior motive. As a reviewer for Booksneeze I am required to place a review on a commercial site. Being so use to doing this I now review books that are asked of me from fellow writers and books I just read for fun.

Reviewing not only helps the author and the readers, it helps me as well. It homes in on my skills as an author when I critique other people’s works and when I am going over mine. That is something that you can’t learn in a class. It is perfected by doing actual reviews and doing them over and over again.

But the fact that 123 customers have found my review helpful makes me smile.

Friendship:How do you define it?


IMG_0146“I’m so glad you’re my friend. You don’t care when my hair looks like crap,” my friend Gina said on Tuesday as we busted into laughter. But after the giggles died down and I thought it a bit more it made me think on how I truly don’t care. It doesn’t matter to me how much you make. If you have the latest fashion, gadget, car or home so what? The team you root for won’t be a stumbling block either.

I’m not your friend for what you have. That isn’t the basis on how I determine if someone will be come my friend or not. Treat me well and I will return that pound for pound. It is amazing to me when I play in my mind the people who I have called friend from the age of five up to present day. Some values have changes over the years as I grew and learned from my environment. But the core being of that has always been that simple mantra.

That has opened my live to a variety of people from different backgrounds, jobs, circumstances and personal experiences. If you don’t close your mind and if you leave the comforts of the box of what you list as traits for a friend, the world will just blossom before your eyes.

So hang out with me for at the end of the day, I truly don’t give a rat’s ass if your hair is crappy.