Freelance Writing

2012-05-14 15.52.58

Seeing my name in print still gives me a shiver. A few months ago I started freelancing as a writer and photographer for a county magazine. June showed two of my articles while July had one. I know this is small potatoes in the grand scheme of things but it still amazing to me.

I get to go out and talk to people and learn about how they are helping our community. You would think talking to people would be second-hand to me. But this form of communication is different. Each interview I gain a bit more confidence but I have a way still to go. Last week I spoke to a woman who works with a local foundation for Alzheimer’s. This really hit home for me for I have family members right now who have this devastating disease and have lost some to it.

Next week I will be setting up an appointment to meet up with a lawyer, a retired soldier, who works against domestic abuse and violence. This shall be interesting to say the least as I learn about how she gives back as she fights this part of our culture.

All of this helps me not only as a writer but also as a person as I learn about the people around me in my area. It is not just about me and my family but those who construct and run the city I live in. By becoming a freelance writer and photographer, my eyes have been open to avenues that would otherwise have been hidden from me.

I still get nervous before any interview and tend to breathe a sign of relief once I am back in my car once it is over. Will that ever subside I am not sure. But I will continue, for now, to explore the world that is my home in North Carolina. Hopefully it will help me grow as a person in different levels. If nothing else, I walk out of each interview a little different then how I entered.


Northern Maine:Home

I was raised in Northern Maine, just a few miles from the Canadian border. It is a piece of heaven with the scenery that is before the people who live there. I just want to share some shots.

This one is the lake behind the house I was raised in.


This is from the mountain showing a great view of Long Lake.


The natural border between Madawaska, Maine and Canada.


The bridge in Madawaska that carries you into Canada.


The natural border between Fort Kent, Maine and Canada.


A view from Frenchville, Maine.


This is home.



Last Sunday we left the house at 8:30pm to take pictures of the super moon. We came across the photographer for the local paper who shot pictures with us. He was so much fun. I need to take a class by him.

We met a couple from Indiana who were in for a wedding and ended up talking for a while like we knew each other our whole lives. It was so nice. Then stopped into a shop to say hi to a friend according to my husband. I didn’t know the friend was someone I knew. So more time for some good times. After which we stopped at Beef O”Brady for some ice tea and shared a sandwich. We got home at 11 pm.

Simple times, good people, nice night, and some great pictures. All it cost me was a few hours of my time, 10 bucks and some really good memories.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to have a good time. Plus my husband and I were able to enjoy the supermoon.