Killing my hero



Is it okay to kill your main character?” I asked two of my writer friends at a coffee shop last week. They both stared at me.

Well, is it?”

This little innocent question, in my mind, started a whole conversation on why it is and isn’t okay to do so. When is it okay to kill one’s character? The whole point of the book I am working on is for my hero to end for a worthy cause, one that will change and start a revolution. Hey it works in the movies, and I am sure there are books out there that have done this same thing. But when Robin mentioned I left nothing for a sequel if I did t hat my response was, “I’m not planning a sequel to this book.”

Again, they started at me in disbelief.

For me to not have my hero die would mean I would have to totally revise my book and the plots inside of it. I’m really not a fan of that, it would make the novel something that was never my intent. Granted, it could make it even better. But I know inside I will not be changing my WIP in that respect. I might change the ending a bit so there can be a sequel which in my writer friends mind would justify her dying. We will see. I am on page 20 of edits so I have a while to go.

Shooting squirrels


After I had to delay the release of Squirrel Mafia due to the pictures, I was up and running trying to find new pictures. The little buggers who were always around and under my feet simply were no longer around. It’s like they knew I needed new photos.

This past Sunday my husband and I went out with the intention of doing so at the site we took the originals. While the color version of the book is fine, the black and white copy needs some adjustments.

At first when we sat down on benches, in the hot as heck North Carolina weather, I had no luck. A few minutes passed that turned into 10 that soon turned into 20 minutes again with no luck. The little demons were purposely avoiding me.


Then I heard it. The sound of empty nut shells falling on the payment by the bench I was sitting on. Looking up I noticed the little guy above staring at me as he busily ate. I was so giddy I had found one I almost missed my shot. But he wasn’t going anywhere as he kept on eating the food that was around him. That taught me to instead of looking with my eyes that I needed to listen with my ears as I heard in other nearby spots the sound of shells hitting the payment and the tell-tale sound of the squeaking, for lack of a better word, of them communicating with each other.

It didn’t take long after that for me to end up with a selection of pictures that I hope will end up in the book so it can be released. I will sort through them, and send them off to my editor after which when she is done, will order a new proof to see if I was successful.

Cross fingers everyone. Hopefully soon I will be able to add this book to my list at

Reviewing a children’s book

2013-10-19 11.06.56

As a reviewer for Booksneeze, we are required to write a 300 word review. Easy peasy, right? The book I received on Monday was so short it took me under 30 seconds to read it. The material is geared at the young children who are learning to read on their own so it had short sentences and a heck of a lot of pictures.

My first thought was, “How in the hell was I going to come up with a 300 word review?” It didn’t help that my reviewer brain went into full gear as I picked it apart from a level of a book meant for an age much older. I didn’t like the concept, parts didn’t make sense and overall I was left flat in feeling.

Being the first reviewer for this book I did not want to leave such a remark on a book. I sat back in my chair and thought on how to write this. Then it hit me. It didn’t have to work for me, it had to work for the child reading it. Once I made the realization the review was easy. I commented on the short sentences, the easy words, the colorful illustrations that a child that young would enjoy. The book worked for it worked for the child that it was meant for.

By the time I was done writing I had 344 words. Not bad, huh? I see so many bad reviews. I wonder if people forget who the book is aimed at when placing the post up online. As a writer, we have to write for the audience that is in our target audience, why should the review be any different?


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