The struggles of finding blog content

2013-07-21 18.27.38

Coming up with blog content for this blog, or any blog, is not always easy. And to do it on a weekly basis just adds to the whole process of writing something people might actually want to read instead of just deleting it once it hits their email box. How often is too much? How little is not enough? There are varied opinion to both sides. It all depends on what works for you and your site. I been fortunate that things have popped into my head that I feel might be of interest to my readers. I have not always gotten it right but I still keep plugging away.

But what do I keep plugging? I’m a writer, it is what I do. Even if no one is listening that doesn’t stop me from moving forward and it shouldn’t stop you either. Some people have a theme and stick to it. This could be strictly about their works or perhaps more concentrated on a topic like writing, politics, religions and all that fun stuff.

I like my readers to get to know me as a writer and as a person. For once you are personable to your readers then perhaps you will get a fan for a life time. It is not easy, it takes a lot of time and effort and there are days you wonder what the heck am I still doing this? But once you get the writing bug in you, it is so hard to let go even if you want to let it go. I want to bring people on a journey with me. Like I want to go on a journey with others when they blog about what is on their mind or what is going on with them.

I surely hope I don’t bore the lot of you with my pieces, sometimes just ramblings of what comes into my head. To those who have stayed and read I appreciate it very much. To those I might have lost, safe travels. To those who have not found this place yet, hopefully we will meet soon.

Flash fiction story


2013-05-02 12.57.56(2)I came up with a little flash fiction story. It is not edited for content, flow or anything that we look at when we edit our works. Here it is.

Please please please let there be nothing there. Please. I will open it and there will be nothing there. It will be safe to move on. I will be good. But only if there is nothing before me. Okay crossing fingers. I am about to take the plunge. Please let it be empty. Holding my breath I reached for the lid to open it up, but first I close my eyes. Still hoping nothing is there. Oh please let there be nothing there. I open my eyes. I control my breathing, I look down. Shit. Shit. Shit. The hamper is full of clothes again.

I placed this on my FB page. The reaction was awesome. People seemed to like it, some were anxious to see how it ended while others laughed at it all. It was fun to do. I came up with the idea when I was walking to my hamper while I was hoping and pleading for it to be if nothing else at least half full. It was not.

Flash fiction, the shortness of it is fun, though not always easy to come up with. I have a few short pieces that qualify in this genre. I need to do more.

My latest interview



I had the honor of being interviewed this month by the lovely Dante Craddock. I appreciate you taking the time and effort it took to get the questions out to me and working with the answers that were given.

The questions made me sit back and think on how to answer to the best of my ability and also how to make me shine. Being interviewed is no small task. It takes a lot of time and effort for the interviewer and the one being interviewed. Dante did a marvelous job

You can find the interview here.