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I had a person, who had read three of my articles in a local magazine, give me this compliment. He wrote:

@NewEngland_Muse Great articles you wrote. Hope they know the talent they have writing for them. Could you sell mag. a serial?

That made my day. It truly did. Do you tend to wonder what people think when they read a blog post you wrote, an article or a book? I know I surely do. If we are lucky we get some reviews stating what they liked about it but for the most part we don’t.

Writing is something I love to do. It is a passion that exploded a few years ago and the burning I felt then is still inside of me. I won’t make much money with my writing unless I get a lucky break, THE lucky break, that we might dream off.

So we need to look at other things that makes us continue to write. One of my reviews for Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure made my heart sing. It mentioned how the book had been for the man’s third grade grandson. Upon receiving the book, the young boy placed down his electronic toy and sat down to read the book until bed time. Wow. That blew me away.

This is one of the reasons I write. For people to enjoy the content and learn if possible from it. If I can make a child read a book, then mission accomplished. I been an avid reader for as long as I can remember, it was my beset friend growing up the books I had with me. Yeah sure the money would be nice, it really would. But until that happens, if it happens, I will continue to write books of various topics for people to pick up and enjoy.




As with most writers, we tend to have more than one writing project in the works. This didn’t use to me though. When I first started my writing journey I kept it to one project at a time. That evolved to me writing notes and ideas down of potential projects. Sadly and happily that notebook has exploded into pages and pages of thoughts for writing adventures. Added to that is a list of people who have expressed an interested in collaborating with me for potential projects. A few years has gone by since I first started and now I have projects out of my yang yang.

At the moment this is what I have: finishing Jasper 3 which is a children’s series based on my Amazon parrot, finishing Lost Faith, my NaNoWriMo book winner from 2013, which is a YA book based in the future, finishing A Woman of Color, my NaNoWriMo book winner from 2011, an adult true life story, finalizing the pictures for Squirrel Mafia which is a true comic relief story andmy latest interview for the magazine I now freelance for

Eventually I will get to Moe’s Cafe which is adult fiction and my first attempt at a crime story. This was my NaNoWriMo book winner for 2012. I have now lovingly labeled my notebook of ideas to “Whenever I have time to write these books” notebook.

When I went over the list in my head this past weekend I had realized I was interchanging from children to YA to adult and back and have been doing this for the last few weeks. I am surprised how easily I can transcend from different characters and plots. But maybe it is easy since the characters and their lives are so vivid in my head and have been for so long they are now part of my brain function.

Whatever the case, these are the projects I am working on to keep me busy and in some case sane from everyday life.

“Squirrel Mafia”: Release has been delayed


Always order a proof of your book. Always. I just received the proof copy of Squirrel Mafia. The content, the front and back cover are awesome. The color version of the book is amazing but expensive hence why we created a black and white copy of the book. But in the black and white copy some of the pictures need to be fixed so we will be revisiting them.

So while the release was planned for August 12th, we are moving it a bit to get it done right. This probably involves going out into the wild to take more pictures of these little demons from hell.

I rather move my release date and have a product I can be proud off. Why would you not order a proof? I’m not sure but there are authors out there who feel this is not needed. I disagree. I will always get a proof of each book.

The good part of receiving my proof yesterday was the fact my in-laws were in town. One of the chapters is dedicated to my father in law’s mother. He said down and read it as he chuckled. They both love it. That made my day.

Soon I will be able to give them a copy, a decent copy, so they can read the entire book.

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