Freelance: A new opportunity

2013-05-02 12.57.56(2)

A wonderful opportunity has fallen into my lap. The coordinator for one of my writing groups sent a group email to some of the writers, the ones she felt would take advantage of what was being offered. There is a new magazine in the area, it is 8 months old and is solely owned and run by women. GO US! She is looking for writers for her magazine, those who will make a regular contribution to her magazine. I dropped her a line and we been going back and forth in email. Bottom line is I will be meeting her today at 9:30am to see if I fit what she is looking for.

The pay is minimal. But when I found out it was a paying gig to me that was just icing on the cake. I was not expecting any monetary funds for the work. I was looking at it from a business sense of promoting myself and getting my name out there. It will be a continual free advertisement for me as long as I write, if she likes what she sees, for the CEO. I ran some ideas by her and she loved them. I am very excited to meet her and hope it will fall into place. What is involved or required I do not know as of yet.

Why did I write her in the first place? It comes back to one of my two mantras that involves writing. All they can say is no, that’s it. But if she says yes, this could open doors for me to avenues I have never thought of before. If nothing else I will be writing and people from the county will be reading it. As a writer this is a win.



We met and talked for about two hours. She liked what I had to offer. But it got even better. She asked if I was a photographer which I am. So if I do my own shoots with the articles she will pay me the fee she would pay for her own photographers to do the job. How cool is this? I am so excited. I should be expecting two assignments to arrive via email. I will soon be able to add freelance writer and photographer to my hat of things done.


Spring Fling



My publisher is tossing a Spring Fling for her authors. From April 15- May 15 the ebook, “Jasper, Amazon Parrot: A Rainforest Adventure” will be slashed from $5.99 all the way down to $1.99. While I already have a copy of my own ebook, this will give m a chance to check out the other authors that are part of my publishers umbrella.

If you have not had a chance to check the book out, here is a great opportunity to give it a whirl. Even if you don’t like it, you can’t beat the price. But I hope you do enjoy the story within the electronic pages that comprise volume one of my Jasper series.


Movies: Should they be factual?


I’m not sure how many people here have seen the movie “Rio” which is a children’s movie that involves a macaw. I have never seen it. Most times when there is a movie I think Jasper might like I position the tv so he can view it and if it looks he is enjoying it I will dvr it next time it is on.

When this movie started on Saturday morning I went through this process for my bird. I sat down to watch the first few minutes while waiting for my husband to get is shoes on for we were heading out. Within the first five minutes of the show I was spitting bullets. For they showed the owner placing a cup of hot cocoa with marshmallows and a few chocolate chips on the plate for Blue to enjoy.

Birds are not able to handle chocolate, and if you proceed to give your bird this delicacy it will kill them. The reason being their body temperature is lower than humans so they are not able to melt the chocolate hence causing them to choke on it. Even my husband said it had to be coffee. It couldn’t possibly be cocoa. But it was.

I know this is a kid’s movie but seriously? What if people viewing the movie thought it was okay to give this to birds in the wild or their own? Jasper was staring carefully as he watched Blue eat the cookie and then he looked at me. Even he was wondering what was up.

To me this was very irresponsible and I feared what might or could occur because of this scene. Just because it is meant for a younger audience does not mean it shouldn’t be accurate. A fact I home in on repeatedly when I write my own children’s book and the amount of research I do per volume.

Am I reacting to much? I don’t believe so. I just truly hope no birds were hurt due to this gross oversight on the people who made this film. Facts need to be checked for all genres and all ages. Something I strive for when I write.